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Web Content Optimization & Best Practices

Top to Bottom Checklist Basic Keyword Research guide URL Structure Page Titles Meta Descriptions Social Metadata Schema Headings (h1-h6) Textual Content Internal Links Images Videos Ideal End Result Basic Keyword Research (KWR) guide for content optimization First – we need to decide what the article/page is about and start by typing that phrase in Google […]

How to Create a Sitemap That Will Improve Your Website’s Performance | Four Dots

How to Create a Sitemap That Will Improve Your Website’s Performance

One of the first steps in ensuring that your website follows basic SEO best practices is to create a sitemap. Having this file can increase the indexability of your website and reduce the time needed for getting your new content in search engine results. What is a Sitemap and Why Do You Need It? A […]

Four Dots Australia - New Digital Marketing Agency

Four Dots Launches Its SEO Services In Australia!

We have some excellent news for Aussie businesses and websites that are looking for experienced digital marketing experts to help them dominate the online world! Four Dots is a Digital Marketing Agency with decade-long experience, has finally rolled out “Four Dots Australia.” Our Digital Marketing agency is now officially offering the following services across the […]

Summary of Google Search Algorithm Updates of 2020 | Four Dots

Summary of 2020 Google Search Algorithm Updates & How They Impact SEO

Digital marketing is an industry that is extremely susceptible to change. From niches like SEO, PPC, e-Commerce, CRO, social media, to content marketing and advanced data analytics – all these environments, including their best practices and business models, depend on numerous factors and variables. One of the biggest challenges of this dynamic landscape is optimizing […]

Actionable Guide to Using White Label SEO for Agency Growth 1024x666 1

How to Use White Label SEO to Grow Your Agency

Let’s start with some interesting facts and stats. In 2019 alone, Google has accounted for 2.3 trillion inquiries performed across its search engine. Nearly 68% of the clicks that take place on the first page in the SERPs go to the first five organic results, while the results ranked 6 to 10 account for only […]

Best Chrome Extensions | Four Dots

25 Best SEO, Social Media, Content & Productivity Extensions for Chrome

When Google Chrome appeared back in 2008, the browsing game was changed forever. Especially when Chrome blessed its users with extensions. These convenient plugins helped users to improve their efficiency, productivity, and the overall browsing experience. Google Chrome is the most popular browser today, and people use it for many different purposes like social media, […]

Creating a content strategy | Four Dots

The Role of Content Strategy in Digital Marketing [2019 Update]

Today, content strategy is one of the crucial aspects of every successful site or digital marketing business. Without it, creating engaging, relevant, and easy to find content that is appropriate both for the demographics you are catering to and for search engines, would be complicated and almost impossible. The duties of a content strategist are […]

SEO Bookworm | Four Dots

SEO Terms Glossary

One of the reasons that SEO is getting a bad reputation in some circles is that the terminology so casually used by providers of search engine optimization services is sometimes so obtuse and inscrutable that it might seem as an attempt to throw dust in the client’s eyes. On the other hand, no one can […]

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