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Your website is not performing as well as you hoped? You are looking for the most profitable way to increase the number of visitors and conversions?
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However big, the online world is getting smaller, and it is becoming more difficult to get to the top - and the top is where you must be if you want to succeed. Unfortunately, the majority of your target audience won’t go past the first page of search results. No matter how amazing your website may be, if it is not listed in the top 10, chances are that the traffic will be low and conversion rate below acceptable. With a dedicated Sydney digital marketing agency, you get what it takes to aim high.

We are here to help you!

Four Dots Australia is a digital marketing agency that offers all-round inbound marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, helping them dominate the online world.

Our experienced team takes the lead through all the campaign stages to increase your position in search results, get your customer’s attention, boost traffic and improve engagement.


Four Dots Australia team consists of experienced digital marketing experts in Sydney, each of them specialists in their line of work. Our SEO and content strategists, technical SEO experts, PPC professionals and copywriters work in unison to deliver well-rounded campaigns. MEET US

For a decade, we have been servicing local and international clients, helping them conquer markets across the globe. Four Dots has established offices in New York, Hong Kong, Belgrade, and Sydney to get close to its clients and better understand the markets they intend to target.


Four Dots Testimonials
  • Although we are still a small business with limited marketing budgets, their PPC and SEO teams approached our projects as if we are an enterprise level organisation. I really respect that.

    Jonathan Riley, Startup owner

  • “We’ve been working with them for over a year now and the campaign results are being delivered with flying colours. Always available, open for suggestions and goal-pivots, with the know-how to match.”

    Zeljko Bosnjak – Digital Marketing Manager, International Tobacco Company

  • “A very professional yet friendly communication with this agency. Our project required a dynamic and proactive approach to SEO, which Four Dots handled with ease. They boast transparency and they delivered, with some of their specialists even providing us with some free (but valuable) tricks of the trade.”

    Jovana Grubač, Digital Marketing Specialist at Salveo

  • “I was surprised that an SEO specialist team of that much experience and expertise is so open to suggestions and patient enough to listen to our layman recommendation, even though our proposals were not on point. This team has iron patience and is not holding back their knowledge. They always explain why something works and why some of our ideas were wrong. I like agencies that let their clients learn from them.”

    Eric Davis – CIO

  • “If you have even the tiniest amount of experience with digital marketing companies you know that zero-BS approach is as rare as seeing bigfoot. Well, Four Dots is the bigfoot of SEO agencies. They’ve been transparent, open and professional all the way through with all our projects and campaigns. The results didn’t lack either.”

    Sheryl Stamets – User Acquisition specialist

  • “We didn’t have the slightest clue about how bad our website was performing. The FD team did an amazing job with all the SEO-related technicalities and even optimised the design and code of our pages so they are better visible on Google. Their content team is also delivering amazing articles and their link building strategy has improved our traffic immensely.”

    Natasa Djukanovic – CMO,

  • “Even though our collaboration with Four Dots is still fresh and ongoing, we can say that their teams have been extremely forthcoming and pragmatic about our wishes. They are managing to perfectly combine our busines goals with the current market. The traffic (especially organic) is increasing each month. So far so good!”

    Igor Gasparevic – Marketing Specialist, Beko Global

  • “Amazing collaboration so far. Four Dots was extremely helpful with our digital marketing projects. Their SEO and PPC departments have proven to be very responsive, with a firm grasp of how to improve our website’s performance right from the start. We are getting punctual and concise progress reports each month, with valuable insight into what needs to be done next.”

    Dubravko Opasic – CEO, Younited Agency

  • “I like it when a marketing agency is all about the data. These guys are masters for data analysis and are able to effectively track and use the right KPIs for our demanding campaign. The level and quality of communication are optimal. Nothing but praise for this team, really.”

    Tamara Dutina – Marketing Manager, SuperAdmins – IT4Biz

  • “If you seek an SEO agency for the long haul, FD is the door to knock on first. My business has been collaborating with this crew for years and the long-term results are astonishing. They know how to use standard SEO practices, but are also extremely resourceful when the project requires an oddball approach”

    Sally Rogers – Business Growth specialist


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Four Dots Australia Sydney digital Marketing agency offers the following


White-hat SEO services to help achieve long-term results:


Four Dots

What sets Four Dots Australia apart is our personal set of tools. That’s right - we employed our expertise to create specialised SEO software for agencies seo software for agencies – – Dibz, Reportz, Cue and Base. Each is designed to help simplify digital marketing processes through all phases of a marketing campaign.

We are extremely confident in our people and their skills. We know that they will follow the guidelines and meet your expectations. For this reason, we don’t insist on locking you in any contracts and let our work speak for itself - and the results we will inevitably achieve will be the thing that convinces you to become our long-term partner.

We devote our complete attention to every client, regardless of the size of the account. Our digital marketing experts in Sydney focus on creating tailor-maid strategies that match their budget, requirements, and goals since only then can we expect to achieve the most optimal results.

We are extremely confident in our people and their skills. We know that they will follow the guidelines and meet your expectations. For this reason, we don’t insist on locking you in any contracts and let our work speak for itself - and the results we will inevitably achieve will be the thing that convinces you to become our long-term partner.

Four Dots

How Your Business Will Benefit

One thing is certain regardless of the industry you operate in: your clients are online. Even those who visit your physical location first conduct an online search to decide whether you are the business they want to collaborate with. It is our job to grow your digital reputation and present you in the best possible light.

Four Dots Australia is the most reputable and dependable digital marketing agency in Sydney. Owing to our international experience, we stand at your disposal to aid in your expansion to any market just as successfully as on a regional scale. Our mission is to promote your business on all channels, facilitating its sales, growth, and overall success.

You Set Your Goals


Contact us now and we'll start working right away on taking your online presence to a whole new level!

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