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Our data and analytics team can help identify issues with your google analytics set up to improve your digital marketing performance across Googles Ad's platforms and associated channels. We also provide migrations and set up of Google Analytics 4.

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How do Google Analytics Solutions work?

The process in which your potential customer searches for the desired service online then gets a wall of relevant results, and ultimately clicks on your website holds numerous moving parts and depends on various factors. Your business simply needs to have high online visibility, only then will it achieve premium results. In order to come up with an effective SEO strategy that will drive traffic your way, you need deep insight into the following performance metrics:

Visitor Conversion Rate Optimisation Incoming Traffic Sources

Interactions Per Visit.

Bounce Rate

Lead Generation Costs

Average Session Duration

Page Views

The list of Google Analytics metrics is quite long and figuring out which ones to track can be extremely confusing. Not all businesses should track and tweak the same set of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) as this data analysis should be aligned with your unique goals and objectives. And that’s where our Google Analytics Solutions come into play! Let our SEO strategy guide you through the complex and dynamic process of data analysis!

A better understanding of user behaviour

Improved SEO Strategies

Increases in Revenue

Improve User Experience

Optimised Sales and Conversions

Get New Ideas For Innovations

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Our Approach to Google Analytics Solutions?

Aside from the complex architecture of search engine algorithms and their constant evolution, more variables factor in when you start monitoring and analyzing user behaviour. Proper processing of Google Analytics data enables you to have a clear overview of all the vital page performance KPIs and user behaviour patterns.

Think of all the granular data our Google Analytics Solutions will collect as basic building blocks and reference points for tailoring your unique SEO strategy. Both big and small companies must first have a firm grasp of actionable data that is the lifeblood of any effective and result-driven approach to any digital marketing niche. If this is all new information to you and your team, it is highly likely that your business is already lagging behind and is losing potential customers!

Google Analytics 4 Migration Service

A results-oriented approach to website analytics is particularly important amid the shift from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4. Let our SEO professionals assess your GA4 migration potential and help you reap the benefits of the platform’s advanced reporting capabilities.


Four Dots, SEO campaigns agency from Sydney, proudly collaborates with dozens of companies worldwide that managed to turn their websites into real conversion boosters and significantly improve their revenue stream. If you’re struggling to improve the outcomes of your traffic generation tactics, we offer you the assistance that will make this process much easier.

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The team at Four Dots Australia have been a huge help in getting our App off the ground and being more visible online and generating customers!

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Google Analytics Agency FAQs

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. It provides insights into user behaviour, acquisition channels, and conversion rates, helping website owners understand how visitors interact with their site. With comprehensive data on various metrics, Google Analytics enables businesses to make informed decisions to optimise their online presence.

What are the Benefits of Google Analytics?

Detailed Insights: Gain a deep understanding of user behaviour, including how they arrive at your site, what pages they visit, and how long they stay.

Custom Reporting: Create customised reports to focus on specific metrics that matter most to your business.

Improved Marketing ROI: Track the performance of marketing campaigns and adjust strategies based on data-driven insights.

User Segmentation: Segment users by demographics, location, device, and more to tailor marketing efforts.

Goal Tracking: Set and monitor goals such as form submissions, purchases, or other conversions.

Real-Time Data: Monitor website activity in real-time to respond quickly to user behaviour or technical issues.

Integration: Easily integrate with other Google services like Google Ads, Search Console, and Data Studio for comprehensive analysis.

What Services Do Google Analytics Agencies Offer?

Setup and Configuration: Initial setup, including account creation, property setup, and configuration of tracking codes.

Customisation: Tailoring Google Analytics to meet specific business needs, such as setting up custom dimensions, metrics, and events.

Audit and Optimisation: Conducting audits to ensure accurate data collection and optimising tracking configurations.

Reporting and Analysis: Providing regular reports and in-depth analysis of website performance and user behaviour.

Training and Support: Offering training sessions and ongoing support to help businesses understand and utilise Google Analytics effectively.

Advanced Tracking: Implementing advanced tracking techniques, such as cross-domain tracking, enhanced eCommerce, and event tracking.

Data Integration: Integrating Google Analytics with other tools and platforms for a unified view of data.

How Can I Use Google Analytics to Improve My Website's SEO?

Analyse Traffic Sources: Identify which channels (organic, direct, referral, social) drive the most traffic and optimise SEO efforts accordingly.

Understand User Behaviour: Use metrics like bounce rate, average session duration, and pages per session to identify and improve underperforming pages.

Monitor Keywords: Track the performance of keywords and refine your SEO strategy based on which keywords bring in the most valuable traffic.

Track Conversions: Measure the success of SEO efforts by tracking conversions and setting up goal funnels to understand user journeys.

Identify Content Opportunities: Use the Site Content report to find popular pages and create more content around high-performing topics.

Optimise for Mobile: Analyse mobile vs. desktop traffic to ensure your website is optimised for mobile users.

Monitor Site Speed: Use the Site Speed reports to identify and fix issues that might be slowing down your site, improving both user experience and SEO rankings.

How Long Does it Take to See Results from Google Analytics Services?

The timeframe to see results from Google Analytics services can vary depending on several factors, including the complexity of the website, the scope of the analysis, and the actions taken based on the insights gained. Generally, you can expect:

Immediate Insights: Upon initial setup, you can start seeing real-time data and basic insights almost immediately.

Short-Term Results (1-3 months): Implementing quick fixes and minor optimizations based on initial data can show early improvements in traffic and user engagement.

Medium-Term Results (3-6 months): More comprehensive strategies, such as content optimization, SEO improvements, and marketing adjustments, will start to show more significant results.

Long-Term Results (6-12 months and beyond): Sustained efforts in data analysis, continuous optimization, and strategic planning can lead to substantial and lasting improvements in overall website performance, traffic, and conversions.

It's important to maintain regular monitoring and analysis to adapt to changing user behavior and market conditions.

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