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Case Study: How Four Dots Implemented Advanced Tracking, Analytics & Reporting for a SaaS Product

Designing, developing and releasing a SaaS solution is a fun endeavour that teaches you a lot. All teams and team members join forces to achieve a mutual goal, involving both positive and negative experiences along the way, and the best part is – the project is not over once your SaaS product has been successfully […]

Best Chrome Extensions | Four Dots

25 Best SEO, Social Media, Content & Productivity Extensions for Chrome

When Google Chrome appeared back in 2008, the browsing game was changed forever. Especially when Chrome blessed its users with extensions. These convenient plugins helped users to improve their efficiency, productivity, and the overall browsing experience. Google Chrome is the most popular browser today, and people use it for many different purposes like social media, […]

Creating a content strategy | Four Dots

The Role of Content Strategy in Digital Marketing [2019 Update]

Today, content strategy is one of the crucial aspects of every successful site or digital marketing business. Without it, creating engaging, relevant, and easy to find content that is appropriate both for the demographics you are catering to and for search engines, would be complicated and almost impossible. The duties of a content strategist are […]

How to Set Up E-Commerce Tracking Properly and Why It’s Important For E-Commerce Sites

The realm of digital marketing and e-commerce is an ever-changing world in which the art of adapting is crucial for success. The new and advanced technologies, business models, services, and strategies are setting new standards rather often and if you want to keep up with your competitors and thrive in this market, you must always […]

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