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We have a 9 year track record of growth-building strategies - speak to our team about our case studies

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The improvements in ranking for these high-volume, relevant phrases exposed client to relevant audiences, which lead to a 228% increase in the number of organic visits.

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However big, the online world is getting smaller, and it is becoming more difficult to get to the top - and the top is where you must be if you want to succeed. Unfortunately, the majority of your target audience won’t go past the first page of search results. No matter how amazing your website may be, if it is not listed in the top 10, chances are that the traffic will be low and conversion rate below acceptable. With a dedicated Sydney digital marketing agency, you get what it takes to aim high.

The team at Four Dots Australia have been a huge help in getting our App off the ground and being more visible online and generating customers!”

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Four Dots Australia is a digital marketing agency that offers all-round inbound marketing solutions for businesses of all sizes, helping them dominate the online world.

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Four Dots Australia is part of the Four Dots Group of international agencies. Our teams understand and represent each region to ensure that digital strategies resonate with the right target markets and speak to the consumers within them. When you partner with Four Dots Australia you have a global reach of team members from Oceania, America and Europe to help achieve the best results possible.

Our in house teams of digital strategies, account managers, link builders and developers have a proven track record of providing cutting edge digital marketing strategies to fit any niche. Check out our Case Studies and our own in house SEO Tools as a select few examples of some of the success we have had. We have worked in the Australian market for over 6 years and partnered with some of the biggest agencies here to help deliver better digital marketing services and now we are here with our own teams to help Australian businesses get better digital marketing, bette SEO campaigns and more resources, output and quicker and faster results than what other agencies can do.

We devote our complete attention to every client, regardless of the size of the account, you will have a dedicated account manager and strategist to help make decisions and create campaigns which produce the best ROI. Our digital marketing experts in Sydney focus on creating tailor-maid strategies that match your budget, requirements, and goals.

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What is performance marketing?

Performance marketing is a type of digital advertising that focuses on measurable, cost-effective results, such as clicks, conversions, and sales. Advertisers only pay for actual performance, such as a sale or a lead generated, rather than paying for impressions or clicks without any guaranteed results. This model allows advertisers to track their return on investment (ROI) and make data-driven decisions on their advertising spend.

Where are you based?

Four Dots Australia is based in Sydney, Australia. We have clients in Australia & internationally.

How do I work with you?

We offer multiple types of engagements with businesses and will happily find a solution that can work well for all parties including long term engagements, once off sales, paying per deliverables and consulting agreements.

Do you offer any gurantees?

We can guarantee that the work we produce through our team of SEO's, Paid Media Marketers, Link Builders and Data Consultants will be of the highest quality. Our global firm has provided services for 10+ years to clients all around the world.

Why should I work with Four Dots Australia?

Unlike other agencies we provide local consultation on all work and will work with clients that we have experience and knowledge with. The team in Sydney is an experienced group of digital marketers, business consultants and strategists. We understand your business before engaging with you and will provide feedback if you do not meet the criteria for working with us.

What makes you different from other agencies?

We understand agencies and how their systems, processes and teams operate. Undertrained staff who don't understand the full picture of digital marketing is handed 40+ accounts! This is something we do not engage with and never will. We will only work with clients we believe can grow in their space and have a genuine framework for success.




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