Basically starting from scratch, in 19 months we have been working on Miss Amara's digital strategy and we have ensured their advertising budget and potential are being directed through the right channels, to the right people. Today they can boast 15,000 active users and an impressive increase in organic searches.

Client: Miss Amara


Industries: decoration, home improvement, online retail


The improvements in ranking for these high-volume, relevant phrases exposed client to relevant audiences, which lead to a 228% increase in the number of organic visits.

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We have also helped them increase the number of monthly unique page views by 63%.

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Our attention to conversion rate optimization, combined with the increase in visibility resulted in their monthly organic revenue increasing 200%.

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Finally, the number of monthly active users was increased by 115%.

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Client Goals and Objectives

Since they had to compete with large brands and establish online stores, the client knew they needed to be selective about the keywords they would pursue and that there could be no slouching when it came to link building. When they approached us, although the domain has been older, their site was still fairly fresh, which is why we will sometimes, when showing campaign efficiency metrics in percentages, start measuring from several months in, when we have already significantly improved most of the visibility and engagement metrics.

Since they knew they couldn’t hope to match the PPC budgets of their larger competitors, especially not month in, month out, they wanted to focus on organic search, which brings long-term results and makes it possible for them to compete with much older or more popular stores.

The client wanted us to improve their rankings for relevant keywords in mobile and desktop organic search, with focus on Australia, naturally; to improve their organic traffic; engagement and conversion related KPIs, and everything else that was in our power and that would contribute to the increase of their revenue.

Services provided

Competitor and Keyword Research
Competitors’ content, backlinks, and rankings were examined to provide us with an idea of what we were up against and to help us formulate an adequate strategy for beating them.

Content Audit and Development, Keyword Mapping and Inner Linking Structure Optimization
We reorganized their internal links to ensure optimal juice flow; wrote several linkable pieces of content for their blog, decided which pages will target which keywords, added keyword rich content to the most important category pages and ensured that each page of the site had a clear purpose

On-site and Technical Optimization
We analyzed the client’s website, found and listed issues and prioritized them for client’s convenience. We have presented important issues which, when solved, enabled the website to be crawled more efficiently by all search engines, resulting in increased relevant traffic and optimal visitor UX in addition to improved user behavior and traffic tracking.

Landing Page Optimization
We made changes to the page layout so as to accentuate its most important parts; added calls to action where they were needed and ensured that Google Analytics was set up to track conversion goals, along with other pertinent metrics.

Link Building
Initially, we focused on promoting the site’s homepage and the most important category page, linking to them with highly relevant, exact match anchors. For the rest of the campaign’s duration, we started promoting other landing pages as well, while continuing to occasionally build links for the homepage, too.

Regular Progress Tracking and Reporting
During the entire campaign, we kept the client informed of its progress through monthly backlink reports and weekly progress summaries. While we kept the communication lines open at all times, we rarely needed to schedule additional meetings or discussions.

About the client

Miss Amara is a premium Australian online retailer of rugs. The business is a product of collaboration between a brother and a sister, both with backgrounds in IT and marketing, who wanted to find something more tangible to work with. Their combined knowledge, enthusiasm and devotion to the project resulted in Miss Amara becoming one of the most reputable retailers in the country, with a wide selection of rugs, impeccable service and constantly growing customer base.

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