Alpha Medical Solutions - SEO Case Study

Technical SEO + OnPage SEO


Client: Alpha Medical Solutions


Industries: Medical Supplies, Ecommerce, Web Store

Starting in April 2022 we:

Increased traffic to 32000 estimated clicks per month a 640% increase

Ranked the site for 16000+ keywords a 320% increase

The value of this organic traffic is $12991 per month if you were to bid on it in google Ads.

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Client Goals and Objectives

The client was working with an existing SEO Agency for nearly a year when we were given the opportunity to review the site and lay the foundations for a solid SEO Campaign. Throughout the campaign we explained the process that we would take and why it would be different to what Alpha Medical Solutions had previously been offered.

Time was taken to carefully understand the clients competitors, niche and keywords. The intent of the keywords was measured against the search volume and we carefully changed all product category title tags to match the intent of audience and optimise for the correct purchasing keywords.

During the onpage updates, we discovered potential issues between menu items, category pages and individual products. With the client we found the best path forward to create the right mix of commercial, discovery and transactional queries to map to the correct pages.¬† Along the way we have discovered how to improve opportunities, how to help optimise for the Google Merchant account, key plugins which work with the clients CMS’s and how to best leverage automation to help with the overall success of the campaign.


Services provided

SEO Technical Audit & information architecture for categories and brands of products

To start on a good platform for SEO we needed to understand the bigcommerce platform and how it could help with SEO. The bigcommerce platform itself has limited functionality for items like on product categories, the content WYSIWYG editor allows HTML but it does not allow Javascript to be inserted onto the page. This is something that we have had to work around and only implement onto the theme itself and using SEO plugins to help assist with SEO automation also.

The Audit Identified issues such as:

URLS omitted from the sitemap

Duplicate categories

CWV issues which were needed to be fixed by the platform provider

Theme issues such as irrelevant javascript and issues with loading

Broken Links

Incorrect keyword analysis and implementation

Issues with content implementation, content placement

One of the most interesting issues was the review of competitors who were ranking above Alpha Medical Solutions, despite the quality of the pages being tipped in their favour. The analysis we conducted showed that content placed above the fold was performing better than content placed below the fold and below the products themselves. We reviewed category pages to ensure content was loaded at the top of the page and that products were easily accessible  on load.

Keyword Research Mapping

The website lacked a thorougher keyword research and mapping implementation. Titles included an abbreviation on the clients brand name, this was often being re-written by Google in the SERPs, and keywords which were targeting ‘research’ rather than ‘transactional’ keywords.

Based off the keyword research product categories were expanded and contracted to ensure that their was the right product categories available for users to find what they require and purchase them easily.


Link outreach (link building)

Monthly reviews and reports

Google Analytics Fixes and implementation of ga4

Content Creation

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