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Rock, paper, scissors in PPC | Four Dots

Is it Time to Change Your PPC Strategy or Agency or Approach?

Being a full service digital marketing agency, we are used to working with elusive data and fickle metrics. While we, for instance, know that getting a link on a relevant, authoritative site will work towards improving your metrics, quantifying its exact contribution is practically impossible, even after the fact.

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CTR in the Digital Marketing Jungle

CTR in the Digital Marketing Jungle As a person who makes his bread and butter online, I see the Internet and digital marketing as a great, big jungle. But not just any jungle – a very, very vicious one. Big cats rule the land here. They’re everywhere, and they’re hungry! If you don’t understand how […]

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Engage your Audience with Remarketing Techniques

Engage your Audience with Remarketing Techniques Did you know that the majority of your potential customers leave your website without making any purchase? An astounding figure of 96% of cases proves this to be one of the largest problems for ecommerce businesses. In order to address this problem, online companies have put their trust in […]

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