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How to Create Engaging Video Content SEO

Video content is increasingly becoming a crucial element in digital marketing strategies. Not only does it capture the audience’s attention, but it also plays a significant role in video marketing and search engine optimisation. Engaging video content can drive more traffic, improve user engagement, and boost your search engine rankings. Here’s how to create video […]

Web Content Optimization & Best Practices

Top to Bottom Checklist Basic Keyword Research guide URL Structure Page Titles Meta Descriptions Social Metadata Schema Headings (h1-h6) Textual Content Internal Links Images Videos Ideal End Result Basic Keyword Research (KWR) guide for content optimization First – we need to decide what the article/page is about and start by typing that phrase in Google […]

Creating a content strategy | Four Dots

The Role of Content Strategy in Digital Marketing [2019 Update]

Today, content strategy is one of the crucial aspects of every successful site or digital marketing business. Without it, creating engaging, relevant, and easy to find content that is appropriate both for the demographics you are catering to and for search engines, would be complicated and almost impossible. The duties of a content strategist are […]

5 Content Marketing KPIs That You Should to Keep An Eye On 01

5 Critical Content Marketing KPIs You Should be Tracking

5 Critical Content Marketing KPIs You Should be Tracking Even though the Internet is full of articles that praise content marketing, recent research has shown that less than 6% of those who invest in this type of promotion feel they’re doing it right. With more resources than ever being poured into content marketing, it has […]

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Creating Content that Generates Links Like Crazy

Creating Content that Generates Links Like Crazy “WRITE AMAZING CONTENT!” – Almost every blog post about link building has some version of this sentence in it. It’s like they were all written by the same mad man who carries a bible-like SEO book around and screams random search engine optimization tips at people who walk […]

Text Will Always Be Important to Everyone who Searches the Web lj 01

Text Will Always be Important for Online Search

For years now, I have been listening to numerous digital marketing experts preach about the end of written content as we know it. They think its days are pretty much numbered. Even though the entire Web is basically built on it, more than a few experts believe that sooner or later, video is going to […]

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The “Shut Up and Take My Money” Content Strategy

A Guide to Creating Content Strategy that Influences Every Stage of Your Sales Funnel You know the meme: Perfect, isn’t it?! Regardless of what you do or sell online, one of your top business goals is always to attract this type of customer. Why is that? – Well, this is the archetype of an ideal […]


Content x Account-Based Marketing: How to Adapt & Evolve in a New Environment

Content x Account-Based Marketing: How to Adapt & Evolve in a New Environment As one of the latest trends in the world of digital marketing, ABM is triggering a lot of confusion and even controversy among experts and stakeholders. This technique is already proven to be highly beneficial for enterprises and large corporations, and now […]

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Clickbait Titles in SEO. Risks and Limits

Clickbait Titles in SEO. Risks and Limits Clickbait is all our fault. Media companies, news sites and basically the entire Internet have been reduced to clickbait titles like “19 flavoured mojitos you never knew you needed.” Hollow articles without any substance that exist only to show you ads on your journey to see that youtube […]

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